Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Thank You

I am so greatful for my friends and all friends who have wished me a happy birthday today. Through fb and by phone.A few seconds ago Elder C, one of the missionaries in our ward gave me a present.


  1. Congratulations.You have the heart.

  2. Johan, I love your blog. You share such tender feelings and experience. Thank you for sharing your light this way, for being an inspiration and a source of goodness to not only my, but to so many others. I'm so grateful that you are Elder Croft's (my Gary's) friend, and now my friend, as well. I know he cares for you deeply, and feels very blessed to have his association and eternal connection with you. I wish you a very happy birthday today, as well as a happy Christmas Day. May God bless you always, and that all your dreams may come true.

  3. You are blessed Johan.