Monday, 2 June 2014


So I am a guestblogger on a great site. I like they wanted my blogpost in my mother tongue; svenska. Tack.

In english; I am a human being. I am a gardener . I am a gay man and a happy member of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. I was baptized 23th of November 2013 and I know that I have found the right church .

I can be tired sometimes to talk about my homosexuality and unfortunately there have been in my ward anonymous emails sent to my bishop.

I am a human being. I am a gardener.

After my bishop got the anonymous emails we  talked . There is no one in our church that condemns homosexuals. I find it sad that someone has to express opinions anonymously . I have prayed for the person in our church and I do hope he or she can talk some day with a makes contact real name.

I have once been the victim of hate crimes. Have a heterosexual male friend who yesterday received a stab because he defended my faith and my sexuality.

I am a man and gardener. I'm not perfect . Before I became a member of our church, I have arranged flower arrangements in ecumenical HBT-worships where Our Lord has been  present.

You who are reading this ; You are a human being regardless of your sexuality. Maybe you're gardener , probably not , but what you are, love our Father you. In Salt Lake City in 2013 went proud Mormons in Gay Parade under the slogan "Mormon building bridges" Let us build bridges without being anonymous .

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