Saturday, 24 May 2014

Gay and mormon

Today I attended the European Forum of LGBT Christian groups mass in the Church of Alppila, Helsinki.

Sermon (lutheran) Bishop Irja Askola stated that ”welcome” is the most beautiful word from our Lord.

In her words:

”I wish you feel welcome, very welcome, in our whole Church and in this Diocese. You carry with you something, which we need in our Church. The wisdom to be sensitive to all those, who have struggled to be accepted. To hear the voices, which have been ignored or recognize the beauty, which has been forbidden to be appreciated.”

Irja Askola

I felt welcomed. I also as a gay mormon feel welcomed in my own ward, by my bishop and by brothers and sisters.

There was a situation when an anonymus person sent me, and our bishop e-mails saying that I am not a worthy member in the church being homosexual. We talked about it with the Bishop and he brought up our churchs view in a fifth sunday lesson. I am thankful for that and I have many times in my heart forgiven the person sending the e-mails.

With love and understanding our Church reaches out to all God´s children, including our homosexual brothers and sisters.

A great gay mormon blogger is David. If you want to visit his blog then it is:


  1. Thank you for writing, Johan. Glad you liked what our bishop said. She is a brave woman.

  2. Trevligt att läsa Johan! Vore roligt om du skulle vilja gästblogga på Vi skriver en del om HBTQ-frågor och vill gärna att homosexuella medlemmar i kyrkan gör sin röst hörd på vår blogg. MVH Gunnel Troberg (och ja, jag tillhör också den finlandssvenska minoriteten via min pappa som kom från Salo)